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FREE SHIPPING on orders OVER $350




Stylish Diaper Bag

Chic Grey

Coming in Next Spring 

baby shower gift

Gift for yourself or loved one

The greatest gift you can give yourself is a little bit of your own attention. Give yourself a perfect gift for fulfilling your motherhood. 

Is your best friend having a baby shower soon? or you want to surprise your wife with a something she will be so happy to have? or maybe you are looking for a "Thank You" gift for your mom?

 Shop our bag, and put a full-stop to your search!

stylish baby diaper bag

Make Mama's Life Easier!

Our diaper bag comes with so many features 

that make your mama life much easier.

Product Features

Smart Stroller Straps

leather baby diaper bag

Smart Add-On !

 Our diaper bag comes complete with smart stroller straps for times when you don’t wish to wear it on your back.  These are designed especially for fashion-savvy moms in motion, go from shoulder to stroller in a snap! You can elegantly hang your diaper bag from your stroller.

The Integrated USB Port

stylish baby diaper bag

Charge your device on the Go!

You need to charge your device!? Don't worry! This integrated USB charging port makes so easy to charge your device on the go! Hide the winding cable and the power bank inside of a hidden pocket.

  * This is the USB charging PORT. The bag itself does not charge your device. This is a smart charging port to make it easy and look smart when you charge your device on the go. There is a hidden pocket inside of the bag which is connected to the port to hide the cable and the power bank.  

Shoulder Pads

stylish baby diaper bag

 Relief for Shoulders

Backpack is the easiest and the most comfortable way to carry the diaper bag for moms since they leave your both hands free, but your back or shoulders always feel awful after wearing it for a long hours.  That is why we focused on the "Light-Weighted". 

This shoulder pads make you feel like you are almost not carrying a backpack.  Our bag comes with comfortable, relaxing, and removable shoulder pads to take care of your delicate shoulders.


stylish baby diaper bag


It is as spacious as you would want it to be. It comes with 5 outside pockets and 10 pockets inside including insulated drink holders for you to carry all that you want.

-Main compartment: Spacious enough to put all mom's belongings 

- Laptop Holder

- 4 small pockets (diapers, tissues, towels, and wet wipes)

- A large compartment for baby clothes and magazines

- 2 insulated bottle holder pockets

- Zip pocket for small accessories

- Hidden pocket for winding USB cable and power bank 

Insulated Bottle Holders

stylish baby diaper bag, insulated bottle holder

Ready to Go

If you’re going to be taking your baby out for the day, then trust me: "This is your diaper bag." 

There are 2 insulated bottle holders inside (can fit upto 24 oz bottle) that you can take or leave home as needed.They are perfectly placed so that you can get what you need when you need it.

One for your baby's milk bottle and one for your drink tumbler!

(You can also put your drink tumbler in the outside's side pockets.)

Safety Pocket

stylish baby diaper bag

Easy to access yet safe

Backpack style leaves your hands free to fulfill your motherhood. But there are 2 concerns; access and safety. You need to access your important stuff easily, such as wallet, but how bout the safety then?

Don't worry. This safety pocket will meet your needs. You don't have to open the main compartment. Easily access to your wallet, passport, and ticket yet they are safe.

Key Hook Chain

stylish baby diaper bag

Simple but Must-Have feature

After coming back form the long day, finally you get home..., but "Where is the KEYS!?!?"

I am sure this is not only my problem but also all moms. This simple feature saves a lot of your hussles! No more struggling to find your house key.

3 in 1 Style

stylish baby diaper bag

3 in 1 Style

Stylish and modern design allows you to use it as a regular backpack, shoulder bag, or handbag even after the babyoutgrows the diaper wearing stage.



-Shoulder Bag

It all depends on "How you want to wear it".

Free Gifts

stylish baby diaper bag

Changing Pad & Travel Laundry Bag

Worried about travelling with your baby? 

Don't Worry. We didn't only focus on its stylish design but also its functions. This complete set diaper bag also includes a comfortable cushioned changing pad and a travel laundry bag for you to deal with any circumstances.

All moms deserve a "TREAT"!

"Treat yourself, pamper yourself, and spoil yourself."

Motherhood is a great honor and privilege, yet it is also synonymous with servanthood. Moms always put themselves last on their to-do list. But it’s also important to take care of yourself and to recharge your batteries first in order to be at your best to give to others. 

Our brand name, “Reine Mère”, is a combination of 2 French words meaning “Queen Mom”. We believe that all moms work so hard to keep their family together, fulfilled, healthy, and happy so we believe it is their prime right to feel loved, cared and celebrated every day. 

"Happy wife, Happy family."

stylish baby diaper bag
stylish baby diaper bag

Every day is a new and joyous day when you have a perfect diaper bag that goes too well with your dress. 

Carry for Every Occasion


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stylish baby diaper bag
stylish baby diaper bag
stylish baby diaper bag

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