5 Tips to Soothe Your Crying or Colicky Baby

5 Tips to Soothe Your Crying or Colicky Baby

If your baby crying too much? As a parent, this is a major cause for concern but can be frustrating if you do not know how to stop the crying. In most cases, a baby would cry too much if they have colic, a condition that causes gastrointestinal pain.

The baby may not be able to tell you they are suffering from symptoms such as gassiness, abdominal pain, and irritability. Rather, all he or she can do is to cry inconsolably, especially in early evenings. The crying can go on for three hours or more. Thus, dealing with the colic is the surest way of stopping the crying.

Here is how to soothe a crying or colicky baby:

1. Avoid Feeding Him or Her on Dairy, Caffeine, and Spicy Foods for a Week

In most cases, dairy is the major culprit when it comes to colic among breastfeeding babies. But you cannot be very sure about that. Take a break from dairy products for a week or so to see if your baby improves. Where there is no improvement, the diet is not to blame and you can keep feeding the baby the same way. Just like dairy, caffeine, and food full of spices can cause colic.

2. Swaddling

You have tried an elimination diet and your baby is still crying the same way he or she did before. To improve your mom life, try wrapping the baby in a warm blanket. If you gave birth in a hospital, it is the same thing the nurses do to calm down a crying baby. The baby not only feels warm but also more secure, just like he or she was in the womb. With a little bit of swaddling, you should be able to make the baby stop crying.

3. Start Vacuuming the House

Is your baby colicky all the time? Perhaps it’s time you turned on the vacuum cleaner. Although the reason is largely unknown, turning on a vacuum cleaner is great when it comes to calming down a crying baby. Whether it is the cleaner carpet or the noise of the cleaner, the baby will somehow quiet down.

4. Change the Baby’s Feeding Position

How do you feed your baby? Hold and feed him or her in an upright position. If you do so while he or she is lying horizontally, the baby will end up swallowing high volumes of air. This could result in gas and pain in the gastrointestinal tract. Once you are through with the feeding, give your baby a burping to get rid of any unwanted air.

5. Avoid Eye Contact

There is nothing that a colicky baby disdains like being looked in the eyes. Not that looking your baby in the eye is bad. But when a baby will cry more when he or she realizes that you are focused on him or her. Simply look away if the crying is already bothering you.

Soothing a colicky baby is all about what they eat as much as it is about how you handle them. Be wise and make your ‘mom life’ great.

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