Maternity Hospital Bag Checklist

It is almost the end of your pregnancy, and chances are, you have spent the past several months dreaming of the day you finally get to meet your bub earthside. You have stocked up on baby clothes, painted and decorated the nursery, and maybe even figured out how to properly install an infant car seat in the first go but don't forget; there are some essential items you will need to pack before you depart for the hospital or birthing center. Your hospital will provide the most basic things, but there is no fun in bare bone essentials. 

To take out the guesswork and make you feel geared up, we have put together a list of things you may want or need with you in the hospital and some stuff for a baby on the way, and your partner, too!


Maternity Hospital Bag Checklist

  • Important documents such as your ID or driver's license
  • Hospital paperwork and insurance card
  • Copies of your birth plan (if you have one) with multiple copies printed and available for your healthcare providers so that everyone can refer to it in case of last-minute questions
  • Cell phone and charger, Multi plug outlets come in handy if you need to charge two or three electronic items simultaneously.
  • A pair of fuzzy non-skid socks to keep you warm
  • A soft bathrobe for pacing around during labor you don't mind sacrificing to the cause.
  • A lip balm to keep your lips hydrated and comfortable
  • Ponytails and headbands to keep hair away from your face and wick away sweat (because there will be lots of work)
  • Toiletries to freshen up a bit before the visitors start rolling in and the camera comes out; personal items include a toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, deodorant, face wash, and shampoo ( remember, travel-sized)
  • With a nursing bra, one size up from your pregnancy size, and nursing pads, whether you plan to nurse or not, you will appreciate the comfort and leak protection they provide
  • Heavy-duty maternity pads and postnatal bleeding can be a lot. That is why maternity pads are preferred because they absorb more than standard pads.
  • Pack a few pairs of loose, comfortable underwear; you can't go wrong with your fav roomy cotton underpants.


Hospital bag checklist for baby

After the hospital bag has everything you need, then move on to the essentials for baby

· Baby clothes: It is important to pack bigger and smaller sizes. If your baby decides to come early, you will need more petite clothing. It is always a good idea to choose the ones that fasten up at the front with bodysuits. Keep a separate going home outfit along with booties, socks, and mittens

· A baby blanket you can use to keep your baby warm in the car seat on the way home. Make it a thicker one if the weather is cold

· Remember to have the right car seat installed. You will not be allowed to leave the hospital without an approved car seat.


Hospital bag checklist for the birth partner                                                          

  • Snacks and water: Labor can be exhausting even for supporting partners. Consider packing snacks, juice, and water.
  • Camera or video camera because someone has to document the mega event! The camera will come in handy to seize happily and some crazy moments (Don't forget the charger!)
  • Comfortable shoes and comfortable clothes
  • Entertainment like books to read, a magazine, or a tablet
  • Pillow and a blanket if you prefer to use your own instead of what the hospital provides.

With this hospital bag checklist, you'll be all set and ready to head to the hospital when the baby is ready to come.


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