Traveling with Baby

Babies, babies! They’re bundles of joy, no doubt, but they come with major parental responsibilities. 

If you are a parent, then you know just how much raising kids can change and affect your routine, plans, work time as well as a number of other major choices and decisions. Being a parent is, indeed, not a day’s job.With all the changes you’ve had to make, however, some things cannot and should not budge.

 A family vacation is an awesome tradition that having a baby shouldn’t alter one bit. And your tradition can truly stay if you take some measures to ensure the comfort of the newest member of your family. There’s no reason why you can’t all have a good time, you know. 

The thought of taking a trip with Baby on board can be quite a scary one, in all honesty, but it can be completely smooth if you are well-prepared. 


Here are five tips for you if you feel nervous about traveling with your infant or young child. 



If you’re taking a car trip or going to take a taxi somewhere along the trip, you need to take a car seat along. However uncomfortable this may seem for you, it’s a requirement in a lot of countries. Safety first! If you are taking a flight, then you want to book the right seats. If you’re buying a separate seat for the baby, then you’ll need to bring your baby car seat aboard, but you must ensure it meets travel requirements. If you plan to hold the baby, then try to get the window and aisle seats instead of seat side by side (that is, window and middle, or aisle and middle). During check-in, inform the airline that you have a baby and would like to get the middle blocked off if the flight isn’t sold out. Airlines are normally understanding. If you are renting a vehicle, you’ll do well to get one with a car seat.


Find out if your baby needs shot for the destination you’re to travel to. There are higher risks of some diseases in particular places. Begin your research early, and find out if there is a travel advisory. Some things should never be left to chance, or to the last moment. Some vaccines require some weeks or months in between shot. 


3. GET A ROOM WITH A CRIB Not all hotels have baby beds, so you don’t want to assume. Call to find out before you book. Also, requesting a corner room is a wise way to limit the number of people that may be disturbed when your baby is crying. 


4. STROLLERS AND BABY CARRIERS Not just any, but the right baby stroller is a necessity for traveling with a baby. For shorter trips, a lightweight umbrella stroller may do, but if you’ll be spending more time, with a lot of sightseeing, taking your full-size durable stroller. Heavy and bulky as it may be, every parent knows the peace that comes when Baby is napping peacefully, and this stroller will help put Baby to sleep while you have fun too. If a stroller is absolutely too bulky, then, you can go with a carrier. After all, Baby absolutely loves to be close to you. It’s also less load for a flight. 



If you’re flying and sharing your seat with the baby, you’ll have to take baggage restrictions into consideration. The car seat and stroller already cost you an extra fee, and caring for babies can often demand tons of items. All the same, you need to make sure, as much as possible, that each item in your diaper bag is important, in order to cut down on your load. You need to keep the baby busy at all times and create a play space at your destination, and so you need toys – the major ones. You need to go minimalist right here. You can even turn your trash into very interesting toys for Baby. The lighter you travel, the less complicated. You also don’t have to travel with a truckload of diapers if you can get some at your destination. When it comes to traveling with babies, as with most other life situations, proper preparation is the key.


Don’t stress over it. Just breathe, pack your diaper bag and go! Family first!

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