our story


From the sunny slopes of Arizona, the U.S., Reine Mere by Megan presents a premium collection of stylish diaper bags unlike any other. With an emphasis on exceptional quality, optimal functionality, and cutting-edge design, our diaper bags are the ultimate meeting place of form and function.

We believe that dedicated moms shouldn’t have to sacrifice looking presentable and feeling confident in their appearance to enjoy the best of motherhood. That’s why we strive to ease the burden for new moms, making their journey through motherhood just a little bit lighter by bringing a sense of luxury, enhanced convenience, and trend-setting style to the humble diaper bag.


A Story of Resilience

When our founder, Megan’s, son was born, diaper bags were nothing more than a big bag designed to store your essentials. They were often ordinary and unappealing – definitely not a fashion statement and certainly not geared towards boosting a new mom’s confidence in how she felt and looked. So, with ambitious dreams and a truly entrepreneurial spirit, Megan decided to make her own diaper bags that would prioritize style and maximize functionality.

A mom in the mid her 40s with multiple jobs, Megan saved her money and quit two of her part-time jobs to focus on bringing the Reine Mere dream to life. She worked on the diaper bag’s design and final sample for an entire year. However, as she was about to launch the brand, the global COVID pandemic hit and her lead manufacturer shut down.

Channeling her natural resilience and support from her family, Megan turned a challenge into an opportunity. She waited patiently for two years, working a full-time job while refining her product and enhancing the design. Finally, in February 2022, she was ready to launch a brand new and improved luxury, vegan leather diaper bag for moms on the go.

A Name to Remember

Our company’s French name, Reine Mere, translates to Queen Mom – a name that Megan’s son gave her when he was just ten years old. Megan felt the name fit her brand, with a firm belief that all moms are queens who deserve to be supported, loved, and spoiled.

Our state-of-the-art offering is just one way that we try to support moms, giving them the opportunity to look and feel fantastic while enjoying the functionality that our 15-pocket, water-resistant, ultra-comfy, USB-integrated, sustainable diaper bag promises.

With Megan’s personal experience of being a single mom with bold business ambitions at the core of the brand, she dedicates Reine Mere’s success to all the strong single moms around the globe. She is passionate about spreading the inspirational message that having children doesn’t mean giving up on your dreams and that it is never too late to start building your empire or accomplishing your goals.